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Pearl River Night Cruise

The Pearl River Night Cruise is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Guangzhou. Compared with daytime cruises on Pearl River, night cruises are more attractive since the sparkling lights on both banks of the river and the moon reflecting on its waters create a magical atmosphere. The river cruise starts from the White Goose Pool and end at either the Guangzhou Bridge in the east or the Baihedong (White Crane Cave) in the south.

Below are some scenic spots you can enjoy during the river cruise. 

Liede Bridge: The Liede Bridge is a single pylon and double cable plane spatial self-anchored suspension bridge (480 meters long with main span about 219 meters).

Pearl River Beer Factory: It takes the beer industry as the main body, and the beer and other related industries as the support of large-scale modern beer enterprises.

Beer factory.jpg

Canton Tower: Canton Tower is one of the most important landmarks in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Bridge

Xinghai Concert Hall: It is named after the musician Xinghai Xian.

The North Gate of Sun Yat-sen University

Haizhu Peninsula Garden and Sailing Club

Jiangwan bridge

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